Buy the Best, Low Priced Moving Boxes in Alpharetta Ga with Free Delivery

Buy the Best Priced moving boxes in Ga, right in Alpharetta. We have new & used moving boxes at the lowest price in the city. We're the best local Ga moving box supplier brought to you by Georgia Green Box, a leader in customer satisfaction and quality delivery service around Atlanta.

Cheap Moving Boxes

Once Used Large moving boxes - $1

New Small moving
boxes for $0.50

New Wardrobe
moving boxes $7.99
Moving Box Kits

28 Moving boxes, 30 feet of bubble wrap, and 2 double size rolls of tape for $29.99
The Decatur Moving Boxes Kit $29.99

28 moving Boxes and two wardrobe moving boxes for $29.99
The Studio Atlanta Moving Kit $29.99
38 Moving Boxes, Two Dish barrel boxes, 30' of bubble wrap, and 1 tape gun with double size roll of tape for $49.99 The Brookhaven Moving Kit $49.99
Ask about Free Delivery
for $100+ orders!
   The College Moving kit $29.99
The Midtown Moving Box kit $49.99
Wardrobe Box Moving Kits
Wardrobe Box Moving Kit #2 w/ 7 Wardrobes & Tape
Wardrobe Box Kit #1 w/ 5 Wardrobes & Tape
Need Help?

Give us a call if you have a question or would like to put together a custom order.
Moving Supply Kits
Packing Supplies Kit
for moving $29.99

Picture / Mirror Boxes
kit $29.99

25 pounds of heavy duty packing paper and two double size rolls of moving tape for $29.99
25 lb packing paper &
2 rolls tape- $29.99

Large Dish Pack kit
with Dish Saver
Flat Panel LCD / LED
Tv Moving Kit
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We have the best prices on moving boxes anywhere in Alpharetta. With BRAND NEW, never used moving boxes for sell at just 50ยข per box. Our brand new Medium size, to our gently used X-Large boxes are only $1.00 per box. And you never have to buy a certain amount to get our best price! We want you to look at our low priced boxes here. We're the best supplier of moving boxes in the city and you will always find more box sizes, more moving supplies to buy, better prices, and the best service around Alpharetta Ga.

For you're convenience, we have the best Moving Kits at great prices with Free Delivery

When you buy boxes, we will gladly deliver any of our Moving Kits or custom orders of low price boxes directly to your home or business with qualifying $100.00 Minimum purchase. We have our own drivers on staff and our FREE delivery service is the best in the city. Our retail store managers are the best in the biz and will maintain contact with you each step of the way until you're happy with your moving box delivery.

You can order any of our convenient moving kits online -OR- we'll be glad to help you put together a low price custom kit simply by calling us at
or visit us at 1330 Peachtree Industrial Blvd in Sugar Hill, Ga

Here are the best FAQ questions about our low priced moving boxes

How do you sell NEW boxes that are 100% Recycled?
Many of the low priced new boxes that we sell around Alpharetta are indeed 100% Recycled. We have close connections with many industrial and commercial industries inside and outside Alpharetta Ga that from time to time discontinue a product line or are simply overstocked on a particular size of box. In the spirit of being environmentally friendly, we purchase their obsolete boxes rather than allowing them to be thrown in the landfill or use unnecessary resources to grind them up and recycle them. All of our 100% Recycled shipping boxes and moving boxes have never been used and are the only boxes you'll find in Atlanta that truly are 100% Recycled.

Do you sell Used Boxes?
We also sell the best used boxes for moving and shipping. Unlike other used box suppliers around Alpharetta, the used boxes we sell have NEVER BEEN USED BY THE PUBLIC. They are all clean and in 'Like-New' condition as they where mostly used for transporting smaller boxes.

In what Alpharetta areas do you offer Free Delivery?
We offer Free Delivery on all of our moving boxes and moving kits in and around the city of Alpharetta and North of the perimeter. We deliver to the following zip codes in and around Alpharetta Ga: 30023 30022 30009 30005 30004

Can I come into your location to buy boxes?
Yes, you can absolutely come to any one of our three North Alpharetta box stores to buy boxes directly with no minimum purchase requirement.

Do you have a minimum purchase requirement?
You can buy as many or as few boxes as you need. Whether you need 1 or 10,000 boxes for moving; or you need a 30' or 750' roll of bubble wrap or any other shipping supplies, we've got you covered. We are proud to serve the general public as well as businesses and industries in and around Alpharetta.

Can I bring an item I want to ship into the store to find a box?
Yes, we encourage all of our shipping customers including eBayers and online businesses to bring what they're shipping into any one of our three Alpharetta box stores for assistance in finding the perfect fit shipping box for what you need to ship. This helps us save our shipping customers on the costs of shipping not to mention the excellent values we have on shipping boxes!

Always Recycle Your Used Boxes
We are absolutely, 100% committed to recycling. We have within this page all the resources you'll need to not only purchase socially responsible, 100% recycled boxes for moving & shipping, but also information on how and where to recycle your old boxes. If you look on this very page in the left column under the links, you will find a recycling tool that will tell you exactly where the closest cardboard box recycling center is to you. We have often been asked if we accept moving boxes or shipping boxes back from the public. We do not simply because we don't have the resources to properly recycle them. But in our effort to recycle ourselves and help other people recycle their cardboard boxes, we offer you this information. If you are having any difficulty in finding a local recycling center, simply visit our friends at and they will locate the nearest recycling center to where you live or are needing to recycle your boxes.

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